Older Hatches

Bressane Hatch Collection
A collection of hatches. Various types but primarily ANSI and tile patterns
Contributor: Oscar Bressane Version: VW 10.5
download here

Woodgrain Hatches
A collection of woodgrain hatches. Download contains versions for VW 8, 9 & 10
Contributor: Ray Libby Version: VW 8.0
download here

AutoCAD Hatches
A large collection of hatches based on AutoCad and other third party patterns
Contributor: John Williams Version: VW 10.0
download here

Roofing Tile
A simple hatch of a concrete or clay roofing tile
Contributor: Patrick McConnell Version: VW 8.0
download here

Two different Herringbone hatches
Contributor: Katherine Williams Version: VW 9.5
download here

Spanish Roof Tile
A very nice hatch pattern for Spanish Roof Tile.
Contributor: George Cocea Version: VW 9.0
download here

Shingle Hatch
A hatch to represent composition or wood shingles
Contributor: Kelly Morgan Version: VW 9.0
download here

Two different concrete hatch patterns
Contributor: Doty Shepard Version: VW 8.5
download here

Flagstone or Ashlar style stone pattern.
Contributor: Unknown (via Lindsay Bennett) Version: VW 9.0
download here

Brick Hatches
2 Brick hatch patterns
Contributor: Francesco Bellazecca Version: VW 7.0
download here

Lattice Hatches +
Four different types of lattice with 2 bonus hatches of brick and siding.
Contributor: Neil Ironside Version: VW 9.0
download here

Diagonal Hatching System
A system of diagonal hatches with an easy to follow naming convention.
Contributor: Dave Reichert Version: VW 9.0
download here

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