Older Miscellaneous Items

Visual Studio Vector Script Tools
A set of tools to allow Visual Studio users to work in VectorScript with color highlighting and procedure lists
Contributor: Vladislav Stanev Version: n/a
download here

AutoCAD 14 color palette
A Vectorworks color palette ustilizing the colors of AutoCAD 14
Contributor: Mike Moore Version: 8.0
download here

VW 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
An excel spreadsheet listing all the keyboard shortcuts in VW 10.
Contributor: Jim Low Version: n/a
download here

How to Customize your workspace
This Drawing File outlines the steps to customize your workspace.
Contributor: Katerina Panagiotakis Version: 8.0
download here

VW 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
An Excel spreadsheet listing all the standard VW 10 keyboard shortcuts
Contributor: Ariel Alampay Version: n/a
download here

3D Model Dimensioning Tutorial
A very well done tutorial explaining how to dimension a 3D model using layer links. This is an Adobe Acrobat file. You will need the viewer to see the tutorial.
Contributor: Geoffrey Wathen Version: n/a
download here

Nurbs Tutorial
A tutorial outlining how to work with NURBS in VW.
Contributor: Ed DeZuzio Version: VW 9.5
download here

Mac Keyboard Layout
This is an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file showing the Mac keyboard and the associated keyboard shortcuts for each key.
Contributor: Paulo Carlotto Version: VW 8.5
download here

Structural Properties
Not a drawing but a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that helps in calculating structural properties of shapes.
Contributor: Dirk Ewing Version: n/a
download here

Focoltone Palette
A color palette based on the Focoltone swatch from Adobe Photoshop
Contributor: Jamie van der Meulen Version: VW 8.5
download here

PC to Mac Converters
3 different AppleScripts to convert PC format 3DS, DXF or OBJ files to Mac format.
Contributor: Jerry Baker Version: n/a
download here

VectorScript Wordfile for UltraEdit
While not a plug-in this is a resource for VectorScript programmers. This file will allow you to configure the UltraEdit editor to show color syntax highlighting for VS code. This editor is only available on Windows systems thus no Mac download. Grab UltraEdit here.
Contributor: Patrick McConnell Version: n/a
download here
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